Let cuddling time run its course with your feline pet with the aid of PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps. If your cat or dog is not quite tall enough to get to the furniture or bed, or if you just want to help prevent their joints from being stiff, folding pet steps provide your pet with the freedom to get up and down furniture all on their own.

You can adjust the steps to fit the space that you have available, and they are great for cats that like to jump from one piece of furniture to another.

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For dogs, though, only the back legs are free to move, so they may benefit more from a portable pet ramp. Dog ramps are sometimes too large and bulky to be foldable, so they will not be the best choice for your pets.

If you need an extra place to sit while you are entertaining guests or having guests over, PetSafe’s CozyUp Folding Pet Stairs and CushyUps are the perfect solution. These popular couch ramps provide one cozy, padded area for your pet to relax in while you are entertaining. The unique, adjustable footrests make it easy to turn your cat or dog into a walking, lovable couch potato.

What makes these ramps so unique is that they can be folded in half to provide an enclosed area as well as an open area when not in use. In fact, one reviewer writes that this unique feature is the main reason that he recommended it to his veterinarian.

When his dog meets his veterinarian at the veterinarian office for his annual check-up, he gets an extra bonus – a soft cat-sized ramp that he can carry with him throughout the day. He simply takes it out of his carrying case, unfolds it, places his animal inside, and voila – he’s ready for his next visit.

These comfortable couch-sized pet stairs come in two styles: tall enough for your cats or dogs to walk on them, and short enough for you to cuddle up with and read a book.

If you have a long cat, the tall CushyUps will be too long for him to walk on. If you have a short dog, the shorter CushyUps will be too short for him to easily cuddle with. Either way, both of these great features will give you and your pet lots of cuddle time during cold winter months.

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The tall CushyUps also comes with a special “couchy” bumper around the bottom that keeps your couch cushy and warm while it is parked indoors. This is perfect for those of you with small or medium-sized vehicles, because the cat bumper fits right on the under surface of the couch.

This means no seams on your precious pet’s skin and that he can have a place of his own to cuddle up with when his favorite chair is not available. The CushyUps Plus Pet Stairs has a special non-skid design, so they are safe for your animals to use inside your home.

The non-skid design also means no slipping and that your pets can have their special “couchies” all winter long, instead of being frozen to the floor.

The CushyUps Plus Pet Stairs provides support for pets of all ages, from puppies to full-grown adults. They fold up into tiny stair-like legs and are great for when you need to leave your house for an extended period of time.

You can store the portable steps in a closet or other small space and take them with you when you go out for the day. When you get back, simply lift up the legs, maneuver them into the standing position, and your pet is ready to cuddle up with you again. Best of all, because the steps are so lightweight, they can be easily folded up and stored away, so you won’t have to worry about them while you’re out and about.

The CushyUps Plus Pet Ramp has a unique double-sided tapered design that helps pets stand and move comfortably between CushyUps ramps and stands.

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When you’re shopping for a pet ramp, you should look for one with a tapered, non-slip design and come in a width that will fit most standard size dogs. The ramps feature a soft, comfortable grip and a two-inch width that fit most standard-sized legs. If you’re dealing with a larger dog, the pet ramp is also available in a three-inch width, which would make it a great choice for larger pets.

Don’t let your pet’s struggle through the snow or cold weather anymore, cuddle up and have some cuddling time underneath your favorite blanket. The best answer to keeping your best friend warm and cozy is with a CushyUp folding pet ramp. No matter what type of pet you have, this ramp will keep them safe, warm and cozy while you cuddle up on the couch with them. So the next time you find yourself with an unexpected guest at your home, remember to take along this cuddly ramp for a warm and cuddly cuddle time with your best friend.

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